Poster sessions/Gathertown details

There are two poster sessions as listed below. The posters are available via a third-party platform Gathertown, which will be live at all times throughout the conference. You are welcome to visit and view posters at any time, in addition to the designated poster sessions. Additionally, the Gathertown virtual environment provides an ideal place for colleagues to meet and chat, with ample private rooms and even a games room.

Please do spare the time to visit the posters and engage with the presenters during the sessions below.

Poster session 1: Tuesday 13 April 13:30-14:30
Poster session 2: Wednesday 14 April 11:30-12:30

Poster programme
Gather Town Map with all room names

Please see a short PDF guide and video below with instructions on how to access and use Gathertown:

Gathertown Guide 
Gathertown video 

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [EXTENDED]:

26 February 2021

Registration deadline:

06 April 2021